Monday, September 06, 2004

"Don't worry folks, we'll get to all your old favorites. But first we'd like to dip into our new cd..." "No! No new crap!"

Elisabeth Bumiller, "Fuzzy and Out of Focus? This Time, It's Intentional", The New York Times, 2004 September 6.

Mr. Bush is now introduced at rallies across the country with a new video so full of MTV-inspired jump cuts, freeze frames and herky-jerky camera work that it makes it clear again - this is not his father's campaign.

Set to the tune of "Taking Care of Business," a 70's rock song used in the 2000 presidential race, the video shows Mr. Bush grabbing voters' hands, jumping on and off a campaign bus in Ohio and stopping at a candy shop in Wisconsin.
Hey, Republicans! You might want to borrow a page from the playbook of the Democrats who, at their 2000 convention, played a mix of "Mambo No. 5" sans the lyric "A little bit of Monica in my life" and edit out the words "working overtime".