Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Iraqi militants kill 12 hostages

"Iraqi militants kill 12 hostages", Reuters, 2004 August 31.
"We have carried out the sentence of God against 12 Nepalis who came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians ... believing in Buddha as their God," said the statement by the military committee of the Army of Ansar al-Sunna.
Islamic tolerance rears its head yet again.
"We believe most of them were simple-minded and tempted to come to Iraq," Mohammed Bashar al-Faidi, a spokesman for [the Muslim Scholars Association, an influential Sunni Muslim group believed to have links to insurgents], said of the Nepalese. "We wished they could have been released by the kidnappers so that they could have become messengers for their brothers to warn them not to come to Iraq."
Good to see Islamic scholars condemning these killings so unequivocally.