Thursday, April 15, 2004

Will this get me out of the doghouse?*

I agree with this Nation essay! That's gotta count for something, right?

I forgot that a pro-Israeli crowd once booed Paul Wolfowitz.

[MR. WOLFOWITZ:] Israelis are not the only victims of the violence in the Middle East. Innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying in great numbers as well. It is critical that we recognize and acknowledge that fact.But the people of Palestine and their leaders must also recognize another fact: That suicide bombers are the single greatest obstacle to ending their suffering and to realizing the Palestinian state, that the whole world is prepared to recognize. (Boos from crowd.) Peace in the Middle East is the only way to end the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews. To those who champion the cause of an independent Palestine: We say this -- (shouting and jeering from the crowd) --

CHANTERS: Down with Arafat!

MR. WOLFOWITZ: To those who champion the cause of an independent Palestine, we say this: Stopping terror is the most important thing you can do to serve the Palestinian cause.
And I can't believe that the DoD noted when the crowd booed. Actually I can, what I can't believe is that they'd acknowledge it in writing. So have I misjudged the man who told Congress that Iraqi civilians would welcome an American-led liberation force and that "even countries like France will have a strong interest in assisting Iraq in reconstruction"?


I concede that it was brave of him to raise those points to a pro-Israel crowd, but the Bush Administration's actions (especially today) have failed to match his rhetoric.