Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The cornerstone of left-wing thought for over three decades1

UC San Diego sociologist Anne Hendershott has a column in the Chicago trib today about the recent spate of crime hoaxes on college campuses (campi?)
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While hate-crime hoaxes can be understood as a way to bring attention to a cause, it is more difficult to understand the growing number of campus rape fabrications.
Truth be told, I think rape hoaxes fit the exact same pattern as hate-crime hoaxes. Remember, according to the radical feminism that is part of "right on" campus left-wing thought, rape is a hate-crime against women.

Which fits into a larger, somewhat latent pattern I needs to be made explicit. The motive in most of these hoaxes seems to be, I've been indoctrinated to believe that racism/rape/homophobia/other (delete as applicable) is rampant. Since the general perception of the extent of this phenomenon does not match my belief, I must change the general perception.2

I went to university (not college, hmph) in Britain where I encountered (and befriended) Marxists and other assorted leftists but I don't remember any of them being this Ann-Coulter-batshit-crazy. In contrast, I once attended a "Take Back the Night" event here in the US (To the friend who invited me, who might be reading, sorry) where possession of a penis (which I feared for) made me feel like a Jew at the Nuremberg Rally. (As an aside, why is it that the Left champions the principle of "guilty until proven innocent" for all crimes but rape and hate crimes? Oh, and if I'm going to bend Godwin's Law, I may as well break it completely and make explicit the subtext: Reichstag.)

1Just because someone's a victim doesn't mean she's a hero.
- Xiao Qiang, former executive director of Human Rights in China

2Moreover, if the general perception does not match my belief that the phenomenon is rampant, there is a strong likelihood that the suffering of its victims may go unnoticed and the crimes of its perpetrators unpunished. Therefore, it becomes even more incumbent upon me to change the general perception to match my belief.

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