Sunday, May 09, 2004

I knew there was a good reason I hate this Administration so much

If you're...­someone pushing for radically changing the status quo[, ]­you're apt to see "the experts" not just as people who may be standing in your way, but whose minds have been corrupted by a wrongheaded ideology whose arguments can therefore be ignored.
Like orthodox Marxists who pick apart mainstream economics and anthropology as the creations of 'bourgeois ideology' or Frenchified academic post-modernists who 'deconstruct' knowledge in a similar fashion, revisionist ideologues seek to expose "the facts" as nothing more than the spin of experts blinded by their own unacknowledged biases.
They are like deconstructionists and post-modernists who say that everything is political or that everything is ideology.
The Far Left? Nope, it's the Bush Administration!

via Yglesias

UPDATE: This one in all seriousness is the Far Left.
The hard Left, the anti-imperialist Left, the Chomsky/Pilger Left-- whatever you want to call it-- is becoming more and more disturbing. This part of the Left has long attracted people with some distinctly unpleasant ideas: contempt for the alleged stupidity and gullibility of ordinary people (especially ordinary Americans); an addiction to conspiracy theories (conspiracies being the only possible reason they aren't in power); and a belief that Israel and its "Zionist" supporters are a source of unique evil and mailign international influence-- coming very close to, and sometimes crossing, the blurry line between "anti-Zionism" and antisemitism.