Sunday, May 09, 2004

Out of many, one

Money quotes from the Gene Expression discussion of multiculturalism

"Diversity training" as it is implemented in this day and age is all about the substance of style, words like "ignorance" are flung about, but very little is done to enlighten anyone. America is not a reflection of the diversity of the world, rather, it is a very peculiar re-interpretation of the true diversity. "Asians" from India to Hokkadio become "Asian-American," Mayan peasants and German Argentines become "Hispanic," while African Americans construct a mythical "Mother Africa" that exists as a unitary whole, fractured only by the intrustion of European colonialism...the dream goes on....

In previous era, immigrants were made to assimilate to the host culture. Today, that imperative is all backwards - the (vastly more numerous) host culture must bend over backwards for the immigrants.

Initially, I was taken with Trevor Phillips' about-face and said so on a political blog comment. But a lady commenter of redoubtable intellect convinced me that actual change on the ground is another matter entirely.