Friday, April 02, 2004

It's a start

Also from this week's Economist

Instead of complaining about heavy-handed police tactics, [the Muslim Council of Britain, a broad umbrella group which can make a fair claim to speak for the whole community] published an urgent appeal to Islamic clergy, scholars and community leaders: as well as correcting anti-Islamic prejudice, they should “liaise with the local police and give them the fullest co-operation in dealing with any criminal activity including terrorist threat.”....Seen in the light of the council's previous grumpiness towards the police and the government, this statement marks a big change. According to insiders, several people at the mosque discussion argued “passionately” that Muslims must overcome any qualms about working with the police; and nobody disagreed. The council is now drafting a longer booklet that will urge Muslims to appreciate the freedoms they enjoy in Britain, and to act as responsible citizens.
Hopefully CAIR will follow the council's lead.