Monday, March 29, 2004

What if it's just...cheese?

Julian Sanchez wonders if the road to serfdom is one-way.

[T]he central thesis—that "mixed economy" style regulation leads inexorably to full-blown despotism, is by this point pretty clearly false.
Maybe I find this laudable only because I disagree with libertarianism (Who am I kidding? Of course I do.), but Julian's willingness to question his own beliefs illustrate why Kieran Healy@Crooked Timber once wrote, "[W]e’d all be better off if...Julian Sanchez got Virginia Postrel’s job at the Times."

I'd noticed the parallels between libertarianism and Marxism before (let's not forget that Ayn Rand designed her ideology to appeal specifically to Marxists), but never realized until now, like Marxism, has an eschatology and that both libertarians and Marxists expected a dictatorship of the proletariat (the Marxists with hope, the libertarians with dread). As the years pass and the apocalypse keeps on procrastinating, the true believers (be they Marxist, libertarian, Christian, Muslim or Jew) will continue to wait...and wait...and wait, all the while exhorting us to prepare for God's Judgment/the Revolution (delete as applicable), while the rest of us go on with our lives.