Friday, April 02, 2004

What did the five fingers say to the face?

I listened to Air America on its first day and the host I liked the least was Randi Rhodes. I found her unpleasant and changed the channel, missing her thorough bitch-slapping of Ralph Nader.

Ralph, let me tell you something. I have probably, you know, millions and millions of listeners. I've been on for years and years and years. Which you may not know because you didn't do your homework. But the truth of the matter is, they don't want you to run either! Even your, your Green party supporters, they can't afford you! That's why the Green party is not endorsing your candidacy and you've become an independent! We can't afford you Ralph! Now, if you want to do a little horse trading, that would be smart politics. And if you wanted to be a kingmaker, meaning, you ran for a while and then you turned over your voters and you endorsed Kerry, and said to Kerry, ``you know you need a guy like me. You neeed a guy like me on [name your policy that you're most passionate about]'', and go fix it, and then, four years from now, you'll find out what the Democrats have know for -- for ten years, and that is: they're in the minority in Congress, and they can't vote out appropriations bills because they don't have line-item veto outta a Democratic president's hand. They can't vote out these pork projects; they can't vote out the stealing of the treasury, the underfunding of education, the underfunding of medicare. C'mon, you know this!....You screwed up the last election, and now you want to screw up this one, and I'm pissed!
Randi Rhodes, I take it back.

via Daily Kos