Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Are you sh*tting me?

Arianna Huffington, "When the personal is political",, 2004 August 17.
We can't, of course, know what was going on in McGreevey's psyche, but hiring his lover, Golan Cipel -- an Israeli foreign national unable to obtain a federal security clearance to be the homeland security czar of New Jersey (and at a salary of $110,000 a year, no less) -- is the height of recklessness, and only makes sense as a taxpayer-funded cry for help.
Oh, really? And here I thought he was trying to keep his bit on the side within arm's reach. How simplistic of me to go for the "obvious" explanation.

Spin it as they might, McGreevey's inexcusably selfish behavior cannot be seen as anything but a setback for gay rights, a cause which I support.

Fortunately, salon has another essay on McGreevey, by someone who can tell his ass from his elbow.