Thursday, May 27, 2004

He was always so quiet

Justin of the conservative blog Right Side Redux googled the name of Adam Yahiye Gadahn, the only American citizen among the seven terrorist suspects recently named by the FBI, discovering some rather disturbing pages on the website of the Muslim Students Association of the University of Southern California, which I myself have linked to for some time. (They have a snazzy online Qur'an.)

Not only is there a page advertising videos of a speech given by a Taleban ambassador in March 2001, but Mr. Gadahn himself contributes an account of how he came to the decision to convert to Islam. He realized that he could not be a Christian because he took exception to certain of their beliefs and practicies, such as "paranoid espousal of various conspiracy theories," "fiery preaching" and belief in "the Infallibility of 'God's Word'".

Dude, you totally picked the wrong religion to convert to.

via Volokh