Thursday, May 27, 2004

Brother's Keeper, Part III

Annys Shin, "China Discovers The World," The Washington Post, 23 May 2004.
"They want Mercedes-Benz service for horse and dray prices."

AI PEE, AI CHEE, AI TUA LIAP NEE (Contributed by K. Ang)
Teochew saying which literally translates as ' Want cheap, want pretty, want big breasts!' It is used to describe someone who wants the earth, ie. someone with unrealistic or unreasonable desires or expectations.
“Singaporeans all very hard to please, one. They all ai pee, ai chee, ai tua liap nee.”
Source: Coxford Singlish Dictionary
(Jeet's note - see also: kia su)
As a Chinese, I would like to apologize to workers in the tourist and service industries everywhere, especially those whose livelihoods depend on tips, on behalf of the Chinese people and, especially, my relatives.

Don't be givin' me that Don't break ranks in sight of outsiders shit. You know it's true.