Thursday, May 20, 2004

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations

Ted Baehr, "New movie mocks Christian faith," ASSIST News Service, 11 May 2004.
Ted Baehr, world-renowned media scholar and founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission™ ministry, says that the new Hollywood movie SAVED!, to be released May 28 by MGM, is a sad, bigoted, anti-Christian movie that mocks the Christian faith.
Doesn't referring to yourself as "world-renowned" flagrantly flout the Biblical admonition that "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall"? And does his ministry face so much competition that he has to trademark its name?
“Cassandra is the real heroine who turns Mary away from the uptight Christian students who believe in faith, values, and the power of prayer. Imagine if this movie were set in an Orthodox Jewish school with faithful Jewish children cast as the villains and a Christian girl shows how legalistic the Jewish girls are. Or, what if it were set in an Islamic school with faithful Muslims cast as the villains and a Christian or Jewish Girl exposes how legalistic the Muslims are? The outcry in the press would be tremendous! Not to mention the righteous outcry from Jews or Muslims!
Dude, has this guy never heard of The Passion? Or True Lies?
He urged other religious leaders, including Jewish and Moslem leaders, to warn their constituents about the bigoted movie, which stars Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin in a story about self-righteous Christian youths in an uptight Christian school.
“Looking at it from the point of view of other faiths,” Dr. Baehr continued, “highlights how bigoted the movie SAVED! is...
Looking at it from the point of view of other faiths highlights how thin-skinned and hypocritical this guy is. If he hopes that Jews and Muslims will join his little Holy War against Hollywood, then he should have built up some good faith by joining theirs. Why doesn't he follow Jesus' example and take his lumps with a little equanimity, the big pussy.
MGM is marketing it to Christian children to try to divorce them from their faith!
'Cause, you know, it's not like that's precisely what evangelical Christians set out to do to people in developing countries. Save this, you hypocritical asshole.
"New film mocks Christianity," WorldNetDaily, 13 May 2004.
The movie's website includes phrases alternately shown on the homepage, including: "Got passion? Get Saved! 5:28," a Scripture-like reference to the film's release date. Other phrases are "Let's kick it Jesus style," and "Prayer works, it's been medically proven."
Brief audio snippets from the film featured on the website include one female character angrily shouting at another: "I'm filled with Christ's love!"

Ted Baehr, "New movie mocks Christian faith," ASSIST News Service, 11 May 2004.
“This is abhorrent and people of faith and faith must be forewarned,” Dr. Baehr concluded.
And I and I have got to see this film and support it with a little of my cash.

UPDATE: Julian Sanchez links to a piece that addresses the persecution complex of evangelical Christians in contemporary America.
I've always found grating the claims of some pundits that Christians, a huge majority of the American population, are some sort of downtrodden, persecuted minority. Usually what's meant is that in a pluralistic society, it's less and less the case that one group's religious conception is woven into the public legal structure, and that cultural products geared to appeal to a wide variety of citizens will be less likely to consistently embed and celebrate the same set of Christian values.
razib at Gene Expression also has a great post (as usual) on the subject.

Man, why you got to say that? It ain't us, it's the media. The media has distorted our image to make us look bad.