Monday, April 26, 2004

Mercy Mercy Me

Another nuanced position from Thoughtful ConservativeTM Sebastian Holsclaw, this time on environmentalism.

[H]uman beings alter environments and like many complex systems the effects may not be obvious or direct. Conservatives are aware of this possibility in complex human interactions, and should be willing to extend the train of thought to complex environmental systems....[C]onservatives could come up with an excellent environmental ideology which....would contain elements of social pressure, an awareness of diminishing returns (especially in government action) and a willingness to really balance costs and benefits (as opposed to pretending to balance them while trying to allow a company to do whatever it wants).
The latter was a long overdue acknowledgement from the Right of how conservative environmental policy too often operates. Then again, I've learned to expect nothing less than a frank assessment of reality from Sebastian.

Sebastian's own blog (as opposed to Obsidian Wings, the already-linked group blog to which he contributes) has been linked under Current Affairs